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Are you tired of wasting hundreds of dollars each month on your Email Marketing service?

You want to grow your list but you are tired of the false promises and huge costs of your current autoresponder?

It's IMPOSSIBLE to import your own contacts but even if you do you lose more than 25% of the list you worked so hard to grow.

You're Tired of the mistakes that others clients of your autoresponder make and your emails are sent directly to the spam.

Afraid of getting your account banned by your provider over night ?

You want to get all the power into your hands but you don't have the time and the resources to create your own email sending service?

The SOLUTION to Turn You into the Email Marketer you Always Wanted to Become


Proudly Introducing

Newbie friendly and extremely easy to use

Send unlimited emails to up to 30,000 subscribers

Detailed Statistics to help you analyze emails that work best!

Custom Email Headers

You can use Your Own SMTP server, and we also teach you how to set one up for as low as $5pm!

Detailed Tutorials to help you get the MOST out of InstaMailer

Import Your Own List either one-by-one or Bulk Import by text/csv

The ability to add subscribers without having to re-validate them

You can create unlimited opt-in forms that can be easily added to your pages

Create Unlimited Email Templates with our included WYSIWYG Editor

The ability to send emails by broadcasting your offers or send email sequences

CAN-Spam compliant helping you stay clear of problems!

Included Spam Check functionality to help you with better inboxing!

Ability to blacklist emails and domains

Complete control over your email marketing campaigns

You Get a Faster and Improved Inbox Delivery.

Up to 248% Increased Open and Click Rate resulting in More Income from your existing subscribers.

Cheaper than other Huge Recurring Monthly Costs Solutions!

4-week LIVE training on email marketing

This workshop will give you LIVE insights into:

How to control your inboxing rates, and improve deliverability

How to write subject lines to increase curiosity

How to build story-like threads to get people to keep opening emails

How to keep your message consistent by connecting emails to what you are selling!

From: Neil Napier, Steven van der Peijl and Suzanna Theresia

RE: Finally, the perfect solution for running email campaigns

12 years ago I became an online entrepreneur and since then email campaigns have been (like it's been for most of you) the biggest share of my income and they made me the most RoI compared to all the other strategies out there.

You probably know that Email Marketing has over 3800% Return on Investment and it’s by far the most efficient Online Marketing strategy

So let me tell you my story:

Yours Truly, like many of you started with the infamous 3rd party email marketing providers

that charged me huge monthly fees and as my list grew so did the monthly costs so I've ended up paying more than $1000 each month.

That's right: over $1000 a month for just sending my emails  But what's worse is that I was getting lower and lower open rates and lower CTR and my emails kept arriving randomly in the SPAM folder while investing more and more money because I was sharing the same servers with other thousands of email marketers.  

So what could I do?  Well I've searched the market far and wide and I found some self-hosted email software and the only one that came close to what I needed was Interspire.

So what did I do next?

Well, of course, I ended up paying almost $500 for it and I received a bunch of files and a license key.  

But what next? After looking at the tutorials I've found myself in a world that talked about "MTA", “SMTP” , "Email headers”, “Bounce Processing", "Linux Cron Jobs" and writing stuff in the Linux Shell and so on...

And I had absolutely NO IDEA about what were they talking about. So it took me just 5 minutes of reading to realize that I was stuck and I really needed a developer and I ended up hiring one.

So I found myself purchasing a VPS and spending hundreds of dollars on development and monthly server costs. 

But hey… a monthly fee of $150 is a lot lower than $1.000 right? (Or so I believed….)

So when I thought I hit home run ...surprise

I was getting lower and lower income from my email campaigns and still had to pay a lot of money for my VPS and the SMTP provider that Interspire recommended. 

So I used a brand-new email address and subscribed to my autoresponder and I couldn't find my welcome email... What happened? and then...


I found it in the SPAM folder. 

But what did I do Wrong? Why is this happening to me? 

After a bit of research, I found no right answer and I found myself hiring another developer to fix my mailing software. 

What he told me was terrifying!

"The software you are using changed just a bit in over 10 years and was used by tens of thousands of spammers so Google, Yahoo and all the others see that you are using that piece of software and the chances that you get flagged as SPAM are really high"

But how do they know? 

"It uses the same email headers for over 10 years so that's how" 

But why? I got a good score in the in-built SPAM check and I was doing everything right (or so I believed)

"Well... the Spam check is as old as the software... so it might miss a spam check or two...

And also there are many > like: noreply@... phising@... webmaster@... no-spam@... and many, many more. By Simply sending a single email to such email addresses you will permanently get flagged as SPAM"

So what to do now? 

"You can get the add-ons that cost around $3.000 to make it work like it should or use GetResponse or AWeber


So I realized the ugly truth:

I was back to where I started!

After wasting that much money I was back to square one and had to either return to GetResponse or invest another $3.000 dollars

and keep paying more and more on keeping it up to date, server lease and management, not to mention technical support. 

So that's when I said


And decided that I wanted to create a piece of software that :

Didn't require a lot of setting up

Everyone can use out-of-the-box

It's up and running in less than 1 hour with minimum technical skills

So together with my friend and business partner Steven van deer Peijl after 9 months and over $12.000 in development costs later ended up with creating Instamailer


The Mailing Software Created

by an Email Marketer for Email Marketers

Was here so we've started testing it and since the first month we got a 43% Increase in Email Open Rates and an additional $4327 in sales.

Awesome right?

But that was not enough for us so for another 18 months we battle-tested the software and added more and more features

so it will be the only thing that you, the Online Entrepreneur will ever need to manage your email campaigns. 

“But is Instamailer good for me?”

The answer is SIMPLE: if you run Email Marketing Campaigns and use Opt-in pages and Autoresponder Instamailer it’s definitely the product for you. 

"Why should I go through all this trouble when I can just get an auto responder service?"

Because it takes you just a couple of minutes of your time to set it up from start to finish and you will pay up to 90% less and get +284% better results. Nothing out there can beat InstaMailer in terms of ROI.

“I am not a technical person. How can I get it up and running?”

It takes minimum technical skills to set it up. Even without any technical knowledge it takes less than 10 minutes to set it up.  

“What is SMTP and why should I use it?”

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and You need an SMTP provider or a SMTP server to send emails with Instamailer. 

“Where can I get an SMTP provider and how much does it cost?” 

We have tutorials on how you can sign up for an SMTP provider and the cost for sending emails is as low as $0.80 for 10.000 emails sent. 

If you have some technical knowledge you can setup your own SMTP server using our tutorial for as low as $5 per month.

 Even with paying for the SMTP the monthly fees are Pennies on the dollar compared to AWeber, GetResponse or Constant Contact.

“Can I use Multiple SMTPs at the same time? Is it easy to set up an SMTP rotator?” 

You can add multiple SMTPs and Instamailer supports SMTP Rotators out-of-the-box. SMTP rotators can help you get better inbox delivery rates or make sure that your campaigns will always function 24/7.

Also if one of multiple SMTP accounts is down the campaigns will continue to work. This is a great feature because most of the SMTP providers charge per email sent and not per subscribtion so you can create accounts on multiple providers.

Most of the other email sending software out there doesn't have it or they charge a lot of money for it (the Interspire Rotator addon costs $600) but we decided to include it in Instamailer for FREE just in case you might ever consider using it.

“You said something about > and that those email headers made your emails arrive directly in the SPAM folder. What are > and how is Instamailer different?”

What I can tell you is that email headers are used to control the message and its transmission as well as meta-data such as the Subject, origin and destination email addresses, the path an email takes, and maybe its priority.

Honestly I know as little about this part as the next fellow but for your peace of mind I can tell you that Instamailer has unique headersand you can even customize the headers to make them unique directly from the Instamailer dashboard.

“How can I avoid spam-trap emails? I don’t want to send to those email addresses and end up in your shoes after you got that awful experience”

You can blacklist emails with just a few clicks.

Also, as a bonus Instamailer has a built-in list of spam-trap emails to avoid and you can easily edit that list to add new email addresses or even add domains where you don’t want subscribers to sign-up from (like certain disposable email provider:, etc.)

“I am using a different email provider. Won’t it be hard to migrate to Instamailer?”

You can easily export your list from somewhere else and import it into Instamailer in a matter of minutes. It’s as Easy as Clicking 5 Times and That’s It.

“I am afraid of getting my account banned like on Mail Chimp, GetResponse, AWeber or Constant Contact."

Can I get banned if I am using Instamailer?”

We all make mistakes but the HUGE difference between Instamailer and the 3rd Party Email Marketing providers is that you can’t get banned from using Instamailer.

If the SMTP provider bans your account of if your custom $5pm server is blacklisted, you can try and fix the issue or simply chose a different SMTP provider. 

You will NEVER LOSE YOUR LIST or have to setup everything all over again. Just use another SMTP and remember to send better emails next time.

“How can I know it will work for me? Shouldn’t I stick with my current email marketing solution”

Honestly Instamailer Is that easy to use that even a child can set it up.

As said we tested it for 18 months and we included all the questions in the FAQ so all the issues you may encounter are probably there.

If the solution to your problem it’s not there or you simply need help to set it up Our Technical Support team will be happy to assist you to get Instamailer up and running.

By simply moving your Email Campaigns to Instamailer you will save hundreds of dollars each and every month.

Here is what our customers say:

"Without Doubt and with Conviction, I can honestly say, and often do, that Insta-Mailer and the entire Insta-Suite Platform has revolutionised how I run my Business... and so much so that I recommend it to everybody wanting to improve the running of their Business."

Sam Little

Old Castle Cottage 

"When I started my business online, I saw a lot of videos and recommendations about aweber and getresponse, and I started to use them because I thought it was the best...However as you learn and know the world in internet, you realize there are better tools and more economical. With InstaMailer I was delighted because it is very simple and economical, you do not have to pay a monthly fee and that is fascinating in an autoresponder :)"

Rafael Fra

Checkout the Results We Got Since We Migrated to InstaMailer

Sounds GREAT !

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We are Absolutely Certain that You Like this Amazing Piece of Software but You are Worried about the Price because you Already Know What's Out There.

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your current autoresponder

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  • 30.000 List capacity
  • 24/7 Support
  • Email broadcast + autoresponder
  • Included SpamCheck
  • Bulk import and export
  • Blacklist Emails
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Training on Building Own SMTP for $5pm

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to get a bigger list capacity?

Right now this package comes with 30,000 list capacity. This is enough for most new and intermediate marketers. If you want more - you can purchase the PRO upgrade later on that will help you get 100,000 more capacity. Or purchase multiple copies of InstaMailer right now.

What if I don't have an SMTP, can you help?

We can definitely help! There are MANY different SMTP autoresponders that we directly integrate with - including Sendgrid and Sparkpost. You can either get a cheap package with them, or...

...if you are a little bit technical, you can follow along our training and build your own SMTP for between $5 and $10pm, which is good for sending 50,000 to 100,000 emails a month!

I already have InstaSuite, is this similar?

InstaMailer is part of our bigger InstaSuite package. You can still get this package today, and we'll automatically add the 30,000 list capacity to your account.

What's your support email?

You can get it touch with us via

Is there a guarantee?

YES. There is a 30-day ironclad guarantee.

That means all you have to do is satisfy your curiosity and TRY InstaSuite right now, while scoring the lowest investment it'll ever be.

If you're not thrilled for any reason, you can just click your mouse for a 100% refund with no questions asked. You can even Export ANY assets you create before processing your refund, so that those are yours to keep no matter what.

Ok, how do I get started?

Easy! Just click on any of the buy buttons on this page and get your lifetime license to InstaMailer. This is one-of-its-kind SaaS email marketing platform that you get today.

How is InstaMailer different from Mailgun and Sendgrid?

Mailgun and sendgrid are SMTP services, responsible for delivering your emails. InstaMailer is a front-end platform which helps you manage your contacts, arrange them and build up your digital asset online! 

How do I warm up IPs?

This happens on the SMTP side, and is something we discuss in detail within the 4-week coaching program. Warming up IPs happens gradually as you mail smaller sections of your list.

Are you planning on Zapier Integration?

Yes – we are. You can check out our detailed roadmap here: 

What if we have more than 30,000 subscribers?

When that happens, just contact us on our support desk and we’ll tell you about the next plan available at that time. If you need more than 30,000 subscribers now – just get this license, and contact us via support desk ASAP.

How will you make sure no one misuses the system?

We are very strict about quality control, and we keep a close eye on things to make sure no one is misusing the system. If that happens, we will ban them quickly. Also – since everyone uses different SMTPs, there’s little possibility of problems from one user overlapping onto another.

When does the 4-week course start?

The 4-week course starts on the first workshop – which is on 3rd October at 3 PM ET/NY. We will automatically add you to this workshop upon your purchase.